Moosader Message Board Competitions

Back in the 2010s, had a PHPBB-based message board centered around game development. We somewhat frequently had "Gamedev Competitions", which were basically what you'd see these days as a "gamejam".

These were all really cool and I love the games that everybody made, and it would be a shame to lose all information about them, so this archive page here is meant as a landing page if anyone (such as the creators) go looking for them.

Competition 1: Product Placement Text Game

"The year is 1980. You have been hired by [x] company to write a PC game for their product, [y]! Graphics are hard to draw in this early age, so you decide to write a text-adventure!"

The PPTG competition took place from November 21, 2009 to December 6, 2009.

The goal of the game was to start off the Moosader competitions with something pretty simple that people could easily be a part of. Check out the entries!

Competition entries

Emerald Cola

By Dustin M.

Pizza Shack

By Andrew

Too Much Coffee

By Lotios611

Competition 2: Dueling Game Group Project

"You are contracted by the kids' television network Bawkz Kidz to create a game based on their latest horribly-butchered kids anime dueling television show, [your idea here]! The company doesn't care what type of game it is, they just want something to cash in on the anime-mania!"

The GPDG competition took place from February 21st, 2010 to March 28th, 2010.

The idea of this game was to make fun of all the kids' dueling animes on TV (Pokemon, Fighting Foodons, YuGiOh...) as well as have people learn more about working with other people in teams.


Competition entries

Neon Dragon-R Card Dueler

By Dustin McBeth (DustinM) and Benjamin Watt (BreakTheZombie)


By InlineVoid and ClsDevAaron

Competition 3: Unintuitive Physics

"Make a game with unintuitive physics.

This means, completely go against what you (and the player) expect the way physics to work. Running forward and then jumping would cause you to normally jump forward, right? Mix it up and make them fly off at some random angle at some random velocity!

It doesn't matter how exactly your physics are, they just have to not make "intuitive" sense. Something that would never happen in the real world."

The UP competition took place from May 16, 2010 to June 27, 2010.

The goal of the competition was to get members to try to create new, fun gameplay with physics that are different.


Competition entries


By Jason Norris (Bakkon)

Mind the Gap

By Hyppo


By Coeurl


By Bron


By XianForce

Competition 4: Wilderness Survival

"Make a game about surviving in the wilderness. Setting doesn't really matter, as long as it can be classified as some sort of "wilderness" (ala, not inhabited area)... Jungles, deserts, alien planets..."

The WS competition took place from July 2nd, 2010 to August 23rd, 2010.

The purpose of this competition was to make games where you had to survive in the wilderness- that is, any place uninhabited by humans. A desert isle, alien planet, etc.


Competition entries


By WSPSniper and Acerookie1


By Garret Corbett

Dude vs. Wilderness

By BreakTheZombie

Competition 5: Limited Assets

The theme of this competition is to have your assets (musical & graphical) restricted.

You can only use a certain amount of each type of asset, and you can only use assets that are posted to OpenArt.

Think of it as not having to get yourself stuck on trying to make or comimssion artwork, and working with what you have...

...Almost like having to make an Action 52 game or something!


Competition entries

Box House

By BlackPhantom

Clashing Cubes

By DualEntity

Cold Dog

By tgfcoder

Farmer Duel Beneath An Active Volcano

By Rachel Morris

Jack Lumber Farming

By Henry Krumb

Sprinkling Blood

By Levi Gaarden

Competition 6: Dark, Zombie-less, Survival Horror

Competition entries

I cannot find the page for this competition on the Wayback Machine, and I apparently didn't make any YouTube videos about it. Here are screenshots I have saved that I assume are from this competition:



Competition 7: Text-based Game

"Make a text-based game, like Zork, Adventure, Nethack, or something completely your own! "

Competition entries

Dalek Starvation Challenge

By Triplefox

K.C. Noire

By Rachel Morris

Pickin' Alphabet

By SneakySnake


By Spacechicken

The Hero's Quest

By Mutrify

YouTube video

Tower of Drabble

By sarato

Verbal Kombat

By ShaiShap

Competition 8:Procedural/Random Generated Elements

Creating games with procedurally generated elements!


Competition entries


By simon17


By programmerinprogress


By Lith

Temples of Marduloc

By Spacechicken

Caveman Prophecies

By Zied

No Ice: The Terrible Tale of Frank Furter

By Zero

Aventura Kato

By Rachel Morris

Competition 9: Play as a villain & one-button or mouse-only controls




Competition entries

Ladder of Villainy

By Breakthezombie


By Maverick Pixel


By Rachel Morris

Super Cool Guy

By Shawn Trautman

Competition 10: JRPG Styled Games

I can't get this page on wayback machine, and I also appear to not have any playthroughs on YouTube, either. Sorry! :(


Competition 11: Genetics & Code-generated graphics

Also missing information


Competition 13: Gardening with multiplayer

I don't have any information on this either.


Here are the screenshots I do have backed up

Competition entries

Space Warp


The Chasm Cave Entrance


Digital Light