Visual Novel Club

Posted on 2020-12-12

Back in 2018, a group of us got together each week to work on Visual Novels, learning about making art for games, scripting, and more. Making visual novels is a lot of fun and I miss it!

Rose made Panic! at the Dog Show... And Rebekah made The Little Mermaid...

Let's start a new Visual Novel Makin' Club, 2021!

This time around, we'll have to be meeting online over Discord. It will probably be every-other-week instead of weekly.

(Ask me for the Discord link!)

I will have to wait until my Spring 2021 semester schedule is finalized, but if you're interested let me know what times work for you and I'll try to set something up! I'll set up a Google Calendar invite once something is decided.

Even if schedules don't match for everybody, we can still use Discord to chat about our work, too!

(This club is only for people Rachel knows, or maybe friends-of-friends! If you're interested, make sure to send me a message somewhere. :)

Rose (she/her), Celeste (they/them), Ben (he/him), Simon (they/them), Alexa (she/her), Rachel (Me!) (they/them)


  • What days/times will work for you (starting January?)

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