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These resources are created by me and offered completely for free for any use. If you have any questions, please email me at Rachel at Moosader dot com

Programming and game design with Scratch (Ages 8+)

Base lessons

Coming soon...

  1. Setting up and touring Scratch
  2. Getting the basics down
    1. Creating a monologue (Project setup, Looks commands)
    2. Creating a musical instrument (Events, Sounds commands)
    3. Creating a math quiz (Variables, Operators commands)
    4. Creating a scene (Motion, Events commands)
  3. Game design concepts
    1. Movement and actions with the keyboard
    2. Movement and actions with the mouse/touch screen
    3. Sprites interacting
    4. Title screen, help screen, and multiple levels
    5. Creating clones

Additional projects

Coming soon...

  • Catchin' Fish (Whack-a-mole clone)
  • Pickin' Sticks
  • Bug Invaders (Space Invaders clone)
  • (Asteroids clone)
  • (Flappy Bird clone)
  • (Platformer)
  • (Adventure game)
  • (Virtual pet)

Beginning programming and game development with Lua and Love2D (Ages 10+)

Coming soon...

Beginning web development with HTML and CSS (Ages 10+)

Coming soon...

Core Computer Science Concepts and Programming (high school / college)

Coming soon...

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